A long long time ago…

When I created my first Home Studio in 1975, I knew I was pioneering a new way of producing music. I was inspired by the James Taylor record, “One Man Dog”, recorded in his home. With my Teac 3340 and my Revox A77, plus my Teac Model2 mixer and two MD421s, I started my journey into the recording world. Being a guitar and piano player, it was easy to start composing and producing. But in 1990, with the collaboration with one of the most famous studios in the World, the “Capri Digital Studio”, I was exposed to world-class recording practice. I met the ghota of International Music Production.

I am now a Producer and Sound Engineer with 25+ years of experience, platinum records and 1.8 billion streams. My mixing style is dynamic and musical and open to any genre. Over the years, I developed and became known for my mixing services and warm sound. Moreover, I am an expert composer, guitarist, and arranger. Feel free to contact me and ask for a quote.

“What an incredible experience working with Max Carola. His mixing skills blew me away and made the song sound so rich and full! Max was extremely fast in providing the initial mix and revisions. He did an amazing job implementing the requested changes, is great with communication, and really cares about the quality of the track. I will definitely want to work with Max again and I highly recommend choosing him as a mixing engineer!” Don Keller


“Estrellita” – (Single) Gariella Rinaldi & Ferraniacolor
“Mente nei paraggi” – (Album) Nikilist | Mixed/Mastered by Max Carola
“Sweetest Taboo” – Don Keller (Single) | Mixed/Mastered by Max Carola
“Il treno dell’Anima” – Enzo Avitabile (Album) | Mixed/Mastered by Max Carola
“Conteremo i fiori di un giardino” – Zorama (Album) | Mixed/Mastered by Max Carola
“Identity” – Euphonics (Album) | Mixed/Mastered by Max Carola
“Black prologue” – Anonimous Affairs (Album) | Mixed/Mastered by Max Carola
“Stories” – Maximilian (Album) | Mixed/Mastered by Max Carola
“Sweetest taboo” – Don Keller” | Mixed/Mastered by Max Carola

You can get in touch through SoundBetter for remote Mixing, Mastering and Production work. Or you can contact me for a SongWriting collaboration.

If you are interested in my Music for Multimedia or Soundtracks for Movies and Documentaries

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